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Web Hosting

We offer a large variety of services that are included with ALL of our plans.

We are strong believers of equality and balance, so our services are provided to all of our clients, regardless of their hosting plans. By doing this, it allows you to concentrate on your business, instead of wasting time on comparing services.


How we create it!

Our R&D team spends countless hours to collaborate functionality and practicality, while keeping it simple and straight-to-the-point.

How we price it!

Our end-user cost is simple, include more for less of a cost. If our employees can’t afford our services, then neither can the public.

How we support it!

Good and reliable support is hard to come by, we know that. To Us, supporting current clients is more important than obtaining new clients.

Key features available with ALL hosting plans.

Server Reliability

Built on redundant hardware, utilizing raid, and on proven networking technology, it takes web hosting to the next level of reliability.

Friendly Control Panel

You can easily manage your account from a web browser thanks to the friendly and intuitive control panel.

User Management

Have control over your additional users by easily granting or revoking permissions instantly.

1-Click Installs

You can choose to install from a large list of applications, whether it’s to compare different apps or to find the best solution for your project.

Disaster Recovery

We use only high quality storage with RAID level 1/5/10 on our dedicated servers. Your drives are completely mirrored and redundant, ensuring your data is extremely well protected. This is not a feature found on most dedicated solutions.

Multiple IPs

You can tailor your network connection, whether you’re assigning additional dynamic IPs or upgrading to static IPs.

Improved Latency

We monitor the use of resources and mitigate improved solutions to our clients to be able to offer the latency performance normally associated our servers.

Snapshot Backups

Backups of your entire account are created automatically daily, weekly, and monthly. Easily restore your complete data with the click of a mouse.

Scheduled Upgrades

We understand the importance of up-time, so we plan the critical upgrades on off-peak hours to cause the least amount of impact.

Server Stability

As your website grows, so will your needs. You will be able to choose the needed powerful options to continue the stability of your server.

Faster Performance

Each server is tailored in-house by our engineers using only the latest and safest technology. Our use of open source technology gives us the flexibility to upgrade performance over time.

Enhanced Security

We defend your servers against attacks and malware by detecting and fixing vulnerabilities and threats before they cause problems.

Select Your Plan:

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$29/ mo

  • 50GB Storage Space
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • 1GB RAM
  • Unlimited Free Sub-Domains
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • Control Panel & FTP

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$99/ mo

  • 100GB Storage Space
  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • 2GB RAM
  • Unlimited Free Sub-Domains
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • Control Panel & FTP

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$249/ mo

  • 500GB Storage Space
  • 5TB Bandwidth
  • 8GB RAM
  • Unlimited Free Sub-Domains
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • Control Panel & FTP

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